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If you’re someone that’s setting up a website to promote yourself or your small business, it’s important that you plan things out in a clear and concise manner.

Building websites is quick and easy. But many newbies make it complicated by making mistakes that harms them in the short term as well as the long term.

There are many mistakes beginner marketers make when building their websites. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you get a powerful website set up that will drive you leads, prospects and sales all day long.

Having said that, here are some of the common website mistakes that you should avoid at all costs…

1. Lack of clarity in purpose

Let’s face it… There’s a clear and concise reason as to why you want to have your website set up. Write down that reason clearly on a piece of paper. What do you want to get out of your website?

Do you want to show off how cool you are to your friends and family by having your website set up? Do you want to demonstrate your expertise at a specific field? Or do you want to attract new clients for your small business or freelance consultancy?

Be very clear about the exact reason as to why you’re setting up your website. Know who you’re target audience is.

Let’s say that you’re a life coach that’s building a website so you can demonstrate your expertise and get new clients for your business.

Which specific demographic do you want to target? Are you interested in targeting individuals that are looking for a physical transformation (i.e. weight loss or building muscle)? Or would you like to target clients that want to improve their careers and increase their income?

2. Not creating content according to the needs and wants of the ideal customer

You should have already defined who your ideal customer is. Think deeply for a couple of minutes and write down who your best customers are. Who do you think that you can serve in the best manner possible? Write that down on a piece of paper in a single line.

Here’s an example:

My perfect customer is a woman of 20 – 45 years of age that wants to lose weight naturally (i.e. not through surgery) to improve her looks, become healthy and has been trying to do so for a while now but has failed multiple times in the process (due to lack of discipline, guidance, accountability, etc).

With this definition in mind, you can easily create content that truly resonates with your target market. Here are some pointers (according to the weight loss coach example):

–          Content about developing discipline when it comes to eating food

–          Why an accountability partner can help when it comes to exercising

–          Why joining a gym is more powerful than working out at home (for weight loss)

–          What kind of exercises should be done?

–          How to set weight loss goals the right way and not beat yourself up when you don’t achieve them?

–          How a proper lifestyle and weight loss go hand in hand?

–          And so on.

3. Not promoting your website

So you’ve set up your website and created great content. Just leaving it alone is not going to help you when it comes to getting clients and making a difference to your bottom line. You need to actively promote your website. Depending on your website and your marketing strategy, there a number of ways you can do it.

While search engine traffic is free and you can optimize for it, it’s not the best strategy to adopt. Organic search engine traffic is only ideal in the long-term not in the short-term. If you’re looking for quick, short-term traffic that will make you attract clients, PPC and media buys are the way to go.

So go ahead and start promoting your website right away.


As an operating system for smartphones, Android is tough competitor for any other mobile operating system. This Google owned renowned phone manufacturers use mobile platform for their smartphones. Android had 25% share of the U.S. smartphone market in mid 2010. To support the ever-growing Android market, Google and other mobile software manufacturers have developed a vast collection of paid and free Android apps. To install these apps for android phones, you can directly download them via your phone. Once the download finishes, the apps will be automatically installed in your phone. Alternatively, if you want to minimize data charges, you can download them from your PC or laptop and later install them onto your Android phone.

One of the amazing apps for android phones are Google Docs, this is one of the several excellent apps for Android mobile phones because it enables you to manage and store your document easily. Google Docs allow you to synchronize your phone with documents you have in your Google account. Therefore, you can freely access and edit your documents from your smartphone. Another great feature is ezPDF Reader although this is not the official PDF Reader, but is worth downloading and using. While the feature from this app is the same as that of Adobe PDF Reader app, ezPDF Reader is probably better for beginners, since it is more user-friendly.

Astro file Manager helps to install apps easily on your Android phones, Astro File Manager has features that are more useful. This file manager also functions a task manager and file customizer. Astro File Manager can also extract or create Zip and Rar files and attach them to your e-mails. If someone is afraid of losing the precious data in their device, they can use this application as file backup creator, which backs up the apps and data from the phone to its memory card. With Astro File Manager, one can also check the performance of their Android OS. Gmote 2.0, this is by far one of the coolest Apps For Android Phones. The Gmote 2.0 comes without the bugs from the 1.0 version. With this software, one can change the smartphone into a remote control and use it for their computers. Gmote 2.0 enables you to control your computer when playing medias such as music and movies. Besides functioning as a remote control, this app can also help you in presenting PowerPoint presentations and slide shows.


Team Android phenomenon is spreading like wildfire. Many people are turning to the openness and diversity of Android smartphones when choosing a mobile device. The iPhone has the most robust selection of apps, but many developers are now creating software for the Android Market.

With so many cool apps for Android available, the challenge for consumers to choose the best options. There are even apps designed to help you find other useful mobile applications. For those fans that mobile technology with a limited time to sort through the flood of new downloads, let’s take a look at some great applications for Android phones.


What’s cooler than playing the drums? This mobile app lets you simulate the fun of a drummer. The user interface is exciting, you control every drum by touching it on your touch screen, and the view is somewhat similar to what a real drummer looks while playing.

For the hobbyist musician, this app doubles as a drum machine. You can simply enjoy the sounds coming from your Android phone while using drums. If you record a drum beat for a song in a pinch, this application would serve as the right solution.

The Onion News Network Mobile App

Comedy fans may already be familiar with the onion News Network. This program offers satirical parodies of current events in a television news and print format. The Onion News Network Android app you can check out their latest videos and articles on the road. If you are looking for a mobile application for an Android phone that makes you laugh while waiting between activities during the day, this is a great selection.


Have you ever yourself humming a tune, but can not remember what it is? Have you ever heard a song through the speaker in a store and wondered the name of it so you could buy it later? SoundHound offers a solution to these problems.

This incredible Android app uses a powerful algorithm to associate sounds picked up by the microphone of your smartphone with a full database of songs. This means that you can identify most of the songs playing from any stereo system using SoundHound. Also, you can even hum the melody of a song and the Android app will often be able to identify it only by analyzing your voice! Great music fans will enjoy this mobile application currently available on the Android Market.

With so many cool apps available for the Android Market smartphones, consumers have many choices. This great new competitive environment means that applications come from every day! Take a look at these selections if you want to enjoy yourself during the downtime throughout the week.


The Apple iPad is a popular and useful utility whose millions of units sold worldwide in the first few days. However, Android may bring to you a better option because it is an open source free operating system owned by Google.Here is a lot of useful information about the basics and imagine you don’t know what Android is.


Originally it was planned to be used as a mobile phone OS but it is starting to flex its muscles and expand its horizons. As a mobile OS it is already hugely popular, HTC Sony and many others have adopted it as the system of choice for all their smart phones and here’s why. The fact it’s open source means they don’t have to pay for it, which is obviously a great start but it goes further than that. The fact it’s open source means everyone and anyone can develop apps for it, modify it heck they can do whatever the like with it. A huge subculture has grown around Android of developers, modifiers and programmers, all making killer apps that they can put out onto the market with no licensing costs and either distribute for free or make money from. the amount of apps will very soon overtake Apple’s App Store for the amount available and it will just keep growing and growing. It’s unstoppable.


So what does this have to do with the iPad? well Android is now spreading its wings and many tablet manufacturers are using it on their tablets and most of them can do everything the iPad can and for half the price. Ok they are not as slick (yet) but many of these tablets offer features the iPad can’t because of it’s closed architecture. HDMI ports that output 720p video, meaning they are also portable HD media players, memory card slots so you can easily put data on and take it off, access to the myriad of apps available to Android users and much much more.


At the time of writing this Youtube video shows the very latest tablet, still not released but the demo just shows that these things really are iPad killers check it out here.



app developmentAre you secretly hoping you were a programmer so you can develop the million dollar idea you have for an app? Relax. App Development is not as hard as it sounds.

What is the most important thing in App Development?

The idea. Have a clear idea about what your app is going to do. There are thousands of apps available in the Playstore. So why would anyone try the app you develop? Why is it different from the other apps? What is your key feature?

Have a Design for your app. Sketch out how the app is going to look. Create a storyboard of what each click is going to do. And how each window is going to look like.

What is the right way to go about App Development?

Know your tools. The key to a successful App Development is the right tools. Apple has made App Development easy with its new programming language Swift. So decide how you are going to go about it? What programming language will you be comfortable with? For beginners Swift is a easier interface to work with.

Where will you be able to find support for App Development?

Register yourself as an Apple Developer at Apple’s website, so you can have an access to the resources and support materials available .Use wide resources available on the internet. Blogs, Videos, Articles are in abundance on App Development. If you are still not sure you can do the programming yourself, hire an App Developer.

Are you interested in App Development for games?

Apple has made game development simpler with numerous tools like Xcode, Apple’s own interface, swift programming language and other tools like Metal.

If you have an interesting idea for a game, you could build an app that can make you popular and rich.  Do ample research. Your game has to be unique and new for it to sell.

There are quite a few courses available on game development that you could take up to learn App Development. As you learn to make apps, you can use tools to create your characters for the games for free online. If you are new to App Development , the key to success is keeping it clean and simple. Don’t put in a lot of things at once. Focus on the detailing, the sound effects, the graphics . 

What is the final step in App Development?

After the programming is done, do trials, debug the errors, perfect the visualization, create an interesting icon. Register yourself with apple for membership (£69/year) in order to sell the app. Apple has guidelines for App Development. Go through them thoroughly so you can avoid rejection of your app.

Be open to criticism. Pass on the prototype to your friends to test and give you their genuine opinion.A successful app is one that sells more, so market your game well. Target getting good reviews for your app.  Lastly Believe, believe that your App is going to sell, believe that you are going to make a mark in the App Development industry. And so shall it be.